After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 Open Threads!

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Supreme Mugwump
Supreme Mugwump

Posts : 47

Open Threads! Empty
PostSubject: Open Threads!   Open Threads! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2014 7:01 am

So because we have quite a few open threads floating around and some of those threads getting buried under replies, I thought that I would make an open threads thread here. I was thinking of making a category for the open topics in which to put them, but that requires moving and moving back when they're replied to, so this seemed easier.

You can post a link to your open topic in here and it will be added to the Master List. The list will be updated every time an open topic gets snagged, so this should be more or less up to date.

To Post A Topic:
[i]Name:[/i] Topic Name
[i]Blurb:[/i] A tiny bit about the thread; one or two sentences will do.
[i]Targeted Towards:[/i] Who're you wanting in the thread? Teachers, students, anyone?

The Open Thread List

Name: Bubble bubble, Toil and Trouble
Location: Classrooms
Blurb: The new potions professor decides to have a weekend potions lesson.
Targeted Towards: Students
Notes: The thread already has one attendee, but one more student would make things more interesting. Plus there are house points up for grabs.

Name: There's Too Much Pain To Come
Location: Hogwarts Towers
Blurb: Slytherin student Kieran decides to have some down-time up in the towers with his guitar.
Targeted Towards: Anyone (though probably preferably students?)
Notes: None

Name: Who says I can't be here?
Location: Hogwarts Dungeons
Blurb: Gryffindor student Liana decides to go explore the dungeons.
Targeted Towards: Anyone
Notes: None

Name: Guard Duty
Location: The Three Broomsticks
Blurb: Auror Samuel Greengrass takes a break from a long day patrolling Hogsmeade.
Targeted Towards: Adults
Notes: None
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Cedric Diggory

Cedric Diggory

Posts : 9

Open Threads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Open Threads!   Open Threads! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2014 7:41 am

[i]Name:[/i] Morning Flight
[i]Location:[/i] Grounds | Quidditch Pitch
[i]Blurb:[/i] Cedric is up with the sun on the first day of classes to get his morning workout and some flying practice in before breakfast.
[i]Targeted Towards:[/i] Anyone
[i]Notes:[/i] None
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Open Threads!
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