After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 Drinking Your Worries Away // OPEN

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Aleksander Elwyn-Blake

Aleksander Elwyn-Blake

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PostSubject: Drinking Your Worries Away // OPEN   Drinking Your Worries Away // OPEN Icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2014 11:38 am

Alec had heard from other staff that every night they had impromptu get-togethers at The Three Broomsticks. Which is why after a long day of working on potions and making lesson plans he decided to head out and try to get to know people over on this side of the world. Normally thoughout the school year only people who weren't rostored to have rounds cutally could go, but due to all the paperwork they had to do quite a lot of them just stayed at the school.

Luckily the school year hadn't started yet, and everyone was busy preparing for The Wenlock Tournaments, as many school were both sending and recieving new students. Old dorm rooms needed to be cleaned, timetables neaded to be made, and new staff needed to get settled in to help relieve the strain.  As Alec still hadn’t gotten used to the common shortcuts around Hogwarts yet he decided to take a small stroll, browsing for different ingrediants on his way to Hogsmeade while making sure he could get there before dark.

After a nice stroll, collecting a few samples and scribling down a few ideas for experiements he wondered into the popular pub and quickly scanned the room for other staff members. Unfortunately he didn’t see anyone he recognised, so he went up to the bar and bought a fire whiskey to nurse. As he drank his blue hair started displaying subtle rainbow patterns, which showed that while he was waiting he was most likely being reflective and not attempting to keep his hair stable.

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Kirley Duke

Kirley Duke

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PostSubject: Re: Drinking Your Worries Away // OPEN   Drinking Your Worries Away // OPEN Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 11:04 am

Entering The Three Broomsticks, Kirley looked around. For a Friday night the place was more deserted than it should have been in his opinion. He wasn't used to quiet. He didn't like quiet. He was used to music blasting, people on the dance floor, and so many people at the bar that there was a solid two minute wait, even if you were famous. He liked the London party scene; it was so loud and vibrant! No night was ever the same, nor no hour or hook-up. It was a constant whirlwind and for Kirley it was bliss.

Earlier that day he'd suddenly had a bout of brotherly love and had apparated into Hogsmeade to spend some time with his little sister. They hadn't spent time together in a long while and Kirley had begun to dearly miss her. The pair had had a wonderful catch up over lunch, and Kirley even managed to sit through a good six minutes of Arianwen's lecture telling him off for his womanizer lifestyle before he'd excused himself for a smoke. He'd had to listen to another earful when he got back about how he was going to die soon if he didn't stop his dreadful habit, but despite that, he had thouroughly enjoyed spending time with her. Though not enough to spend the entire weekend here like she'd offered. Hogsmeade was quaint, but it was much too sleepy for him. He wouldn't survive a whole weekend out here. He needed fun and excitement. And frankly the Hogsmeade night life just wasn't up to scratch.

Plonking himself down on a stool at the bar, Kirley ordered two Firewhiskeys, one of which he promptly finished in one gulp the moment it came. The second one was for nursing until something exciting happened or some attractive broad came in. The guitarist hated being without a drink in his hand; to him there was something pathetic about sitting at a bar without a drink, just waiting. Spinning about on his chair, he leaned his elbows against the bar and surveyed his surroundings. It was a bleak scene. A few elderly wizards sat arguing in the corner about whether daisies were more effective in potions when picked before dawn or just after the sun rose. An elderly witch was asleep in the corner, her plate of dinner unfinished. A few workers from around the village littered the place here and there, but there was no one Kirley wanted to talk to, let alone flirt with. A sigh escaped his lips as he turned back to face the bar. Why is London the only place that ever has any action? For the life if him he couldn't understand what Arianwen liked about this place. It was so dull!

TAGGED``: alec
OUTFIT``: midnight blue shirt and black suit
NOTES``: had to stop before it ended up being the size of an essay. dunno how they're gonna interact, but maybe Alec recognizes him?
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Drinking Your Worries Away // OPEN
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