After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 Up in the Hogwarts Towers // OPEN

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Daphne Greengrass


Posts : 26

PostSubject: Up in the Hogwarts Towers // OPEN    Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:32 am

Hurrying down the corridor in the direction of the astronomy towers, Daphne bit back a grin. Having a free class, she had decided to spend the time wisely by getting some violin practice in. She had neglected her practice for a couple of days, due to the start of term being as crazy and hectic as usual, but auditions for the orchestra were in one week and Daphne was dying to get the violin first chair this year. Having joined the orchestra in her first year, she had slowly risen from the regular violin ranks up to second chair but now that wasn't enough for her. She wanted, no, needed, to get first chair. She knew she could do it; all she needed to do was prove that she was indeed the best to Professor Flitwick.

Puffing slightly as she finally ascended the stairs and entered the circular room, Daphne eyes flickered over the place to make sure that it was indeed empty. She didn't want anyone to hear her practice, firstly because she wanted the privacy, but also because she didn't want any other violinist to hear her audition piece. After a couple of seconds, the blonde placed the case down and crouched down to unzip it. Carefully plucking the violin out if its case, Daphne smiled at the instrument, gently running her fingers across the polished woodwork. Most students at Hogwarts prided themselves on the state of their brooms; Daphne prided herself on the state of her violin. Save for Astoria, the instrument was her best friend. It could cheer her up when she was upset, could provide solace when she felt alone. Most others would think her weird for having such affection for an inanimate object, but she thought them weird because they didn't understand just how much life the object held in it.  

Bringing the violin to her shoulder, Daphne let the bow slide smoothly over the strings. A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as the first notes began to fill the tower. Closing her eyes, she continued to play, immersed in the music. It wasn't her audition piece, but the blonde wasn't going to start her warm-up with that. Instead it was a Celtic tune that Daphne had heard in her youth and had loved immensely. Her smile widened as the violin sang the beautiful notes. Damn it felt good to play again.

STATUS``: active
TAGGED``: open
OUTFIT``: standard slytherin uniform
NOTES``: song is Down by the Sally Gardens. am totally excited about this x3
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Liana Stark


Posts : 7
Location : Inverness, Hogwarts

PostSubject: Re: Up in the Hogwarts Towers // OPEN    Thu Jul 31, 2014 10:15 am

Liana had been hiding high up in the Astronomy tower, right high up where that strange planet thingy was. Of course she knew very well that the tower was actually off limits to students unless they had classes up here, which they never had this time of day. Not too long ago she sneaked up the stairs and was now standing by the parapet, looking over the surrounding lands of Hogwarts. She was smart enough not to stand at the place where she would easily be spotted though.
The school year had just begun and while Liana always loved to come to Hogwarts and was excited about the new school year, today she did feel a little homesick. Being at their small farm in the Highlands, spending time with her parents and her little sister Sileas sometimes had that effect on her, especially since the young girl desperately wanted to come with her and Ean. But she was too young for that still.

Looking over the landscape, the teenager did feel a little better. It was almost like home, her long blond hair and the black cloak from her school uniform were gently flowing in the soft wind and the sun bathed the surrounding areas in a warm light. It just looked so beautiful and so... peaceful. A smile appeared on the young girl's face and she felt a lot better.

Then suddenly she heard the sound of a violin being played very close by. Someone had come up here without her noticing and obviously that someone didn't notice her either. Silently she stood at the parapet for a moment, listening to the tune that she instantly recognised. It was a Celtic song that she used to sing a lot when she was younger, especially on public fairs and other gatherings in the highlands. Liana silently sang the first lines of the song and slowly walked back from the parapet to see who was playing. She was relieved to see that it was just another student, dressed in the Slytherin uniform.

Finally she dared to come out. “Down by the Sally Gardens my love and I did meet.” Liana sang softly when the part came up, just loud enough for the girl to hear. Her mild Scottish accent was notable in her soft voice. She hoped that Liana wouldn't startle her and that she would keep playing, because it was another piece of home brought to her. And Liana loved to sing, it was something that she had always done from a very young age.

TAGGED :: Daphne
OUTFIT :: Standard Gryffindor Uniform with Cloak
NOTES :: I love it already! Very Happy
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Up in the Hogwarts Towers // OPEN
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