After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 There's Too Much Pain To Come // OPEN

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Kieran McGillen


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PostSubject: There's Too Much Pain To Come // OPEN   Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:36 am

Kieran was glad that it was the weekend. He'd had a long and tiring week and all he wanted to do was sit back and relax now that he finally could. Probably work on his song a bit more, or the big art project he was working on. Anything, really. So, on Saturday, he woke up really early, got dressed, and sneaked out of the Slytherin common room with his guitar and his notebook and pen. He wasn't sure where to go for a few moments, but then he decided on the towers because at least it was peaceful up there. He sneaked through the corridors and made it to the towers without being seen. He set his guitar down at his feet and sat, cross-legged, opening his notebook and reading the lyrics that he'd written so far. He chewed on his lip slightly, sighing softly. He wanted to work on this, of course he did, but he couldn't force the inspiration. It had to come on it's own. He raked a hand through his hair, standing up and looking across the grounds. The view from the towers was, admittedly, amazing.

It was times like these where he forgot about his family, forgot about the bullies, forgot about Tanya, forgot about pushing people away. He could relax and not worry constantly about someone finding him and telling everyone that he was a freak for writing songs or something along those lines. He wouldn't put it past them, that was for sure. He sat for a moment, admiring the view, when suddenly inspiration hit like lightning. Quickly, he grabbed his notebook and pen, sat down, and he began writing the sentences that came into his head. He took his time, making sure his handwriting was neat and that the words made sense. A flicker of a smile appeared on his lips. He loved doing this; as soon as he got ideas, he'd write them down and he'd silently sing them in his head. It was his favourite part, for sure. He reread what he'd written so far, his smile widening. It was going to be way better than anything else he'd done so far, he was sure of it. This was the only thing distracting him from everything else going on in his life; music, art, writing and reading. They were his escape, although it was pretty easy for him to get lost in his thoughts as well. But those were the main things that kept him happy even when he felt like he was absolutely useless.

He picked up his guitar and dislodged the guitar pick from it's place. He strummed out a little tune, testing it, and then began to play his song. He didn't sing the lyrics out loud; he didn't want to wake anyone or risk them stumbling upon him, but he sang in his head. The music got into his head, completely clearing it of worries. He got so distracted by it for a moment, it was as if reality faded away and he was in his own little world. But when he stopped playing, everything fell back into place and he realized he was still there, in Hogwarts. He was still a loner, and he was still the disappointment of his family as well as Slytherin house. He sighed and picked up his notebook again, writing a few more lyrics and doodling in the margins of hit notebook, glancing out across the grounds again. The view was still beautiful, but not quite as distracting as before. He huffed, glancing back down at his notebook again.

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Notes: He's kind of wistful at the moment, so xD Don't mind him
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There's Too Much Pain To Come // OPEN
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