After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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Daphne Greengrass

Daphne Greengrass

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PostSubject: Daphne Greengrass   Daphne Greengrass Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2014 11:22 am

Alas! Ear wax!

Daphne Greengrass Tumblr_inline_mgfj0vj4g91ruh9kl

Our new celebrity
Hey my name is Calypso! I heard of this place through
myself because I created it. Meanwhile you should check out my other
characters who I haven't yet made. You can catch me via PM.

“Fear of a Name, Only Increases The Fear Of The Thing Itself”
Name: Daphne Laurelia Greengrass
Nickname(s): Daph, Daffie, Nia, Daffodil (family only)
Age: 14
Wand: 9 ½" Birch with Veela Hair, supple
Patronus: Arctic fox
House/Job: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: British

“He can run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo”
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Distinguishing Features: None
Face Claim: Dianna Agron

“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open. ”
Likes: Potions, Charms, classical music, Herbology, animals (especially big cats and wild canines), cherries, daffodils and carnations, Care of Magical Creatures.
Dislikes: Spiders, bullies, History of Magic, vain and selfish people, creepy-crawlies like spiders, house-snobs (like Gryffindors who look down their noses at the Slytherins)
Habits: Nibbles on her lip when nervous, plans intricate cursings in her head when someone has pissed her off (though obviously she doesn't actually carry it out), is prone to daydreaming when things around her become too boring.
Personality: Daphne is strong-willed, stubborn and extremely loyal. She can be quite vindictive when someone wrongs her and will always try and find a way to get her revenge on them. Though she enjoys spending time with her friends, she can be quite the solitary creature and needs to spend time away from people. During these times she either roams the castle grounds, plays her violin in one of the deserted towers, or just finds a spot in the library to hide out in and read. Though she is very patient and it takes a lot to anger her, she can get extremely hostile and bitchy when mad. 

In her first years at Hogwarts, Daphne was meeker and more of a follower than a leader. However she proceeded to come out of her shell as the years went by and grew to become more confident and learned to oppose those that she felt were in the wrong. She now regularly stands up for herself, her friends, and for those that are either younger or weaker who cannot stand up for themselves. She hates bullying, regardless of whether it's coming from her house or not.

Daphne also has a strong bond with her younger sister and would do anything for her. She is extremely protective over her and will hurt anyone who wrongs her. She adores her and considers Astoria to be her best friend. Like her father she values blood purity, but not to the extent other pure-bloods do. While she sees other pure-bloods as superior to half-and-muggle-bloods, she does not think they should be discriminated against, being taught from a young age that everyone should have an equal chance to achieve greatness. This sentiment, however, does not extend to the Muggles.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
Hometown: Godric's Hollow
Father: Samuel Greengrass (Auror)
Mother: Lisette Greengrass née Ashworth (Healer)
Siblings: Astoria Greengrass (younger sister, 12)
Others: Mitzi (house elf), Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson (house-mates and friends-turned-enemies)
History: The oldest of two, Daphne grew up having a happy but unremarkable childhood. Her parents were often away and from 5 years old, Daphne was left alone in the care of Mitzi. She soon grew quite independent and would wander around after the house, helping to look after toddler Astoria. Growing up, the Greengrass sisters were never in actual want of anything. Though their parents would often deny them things to prevent them from growing up spoilt, money was never an issue for the family. While growing up, the family would often go overseas to vacation and it quickly became tradition for each summer holiday to bring about a new destination, never a repeat.

At eleven, when the family were staying in France, Daphne received her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Her wand was bought there and Daphne spent the rest of the Summer wondering which house she'd get sorted into. At the Sorting, she was put in her father's ex-house, Slytherin. Her favourite subjects quickly became Charms and Potions. One night when she couldn't sleep, she snuck down to the Great Lake to play her violin and was caught by Professor Flitwick. Instead of giving her detention, he suggested that she join up with the school's orchestra, which Daphne did the very next day.

During her first year at Hogwarts, she made friends with Draco and Pansy, wanting to be part of the popular crowd. However as she came to realize that the pair were nothing more than bullies and tattle-tales, she began distancing herself from these so-called "friends" and would spend as much time away from the Slytherin common room as possible. She became distant and her self-esteem plummeted as she had no one else to turn to; she had no other friends outside of Slytherin. During this time Daphne would focus mostly on her violin and on school work, either hiding out in the towers or at the library. When Astoria arrived at Hogwarts, Daphne was completely overjoyed, mainly because it meant that she would finally have a friend at the school. She took great delight in showing her sister around and being her sister's protector, just like she had been when they were growing up.

By her third year she became completely disillusioned with the pair, the breaking point being the Hippogriff incident in Professor Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class. Sick of the way that Malfoy gave Slytherin a bad rep to everyone in her year, she stood up to him and Pansy, earning her the respect of the elder students but the wrath of the younger students who looked up to the male. She had a letter sent home but the whole affair was hushed up as best as possible so as not to cause any scandals. After that point Daphne completely stopped caring what the rest of the school thought of her, and with that her confidence began to rise. She made a few friends with some of the elder students but she was still very much alone, except for Astoria. Despite wanting nothing more than to have friends who love her for her, she has come to the realization that that would probably not happen, at least any time soon.

Now in her fourth year, Daphne has great ambitions of claiming the first chair position in the orchestra and is thinking about a potential transfer to Beauxbatons what with the Wenlock Tournaments coming up.

“Curiosity is not a sin.... But we should exercise caution with our curiosity... yes, indeed.”

Credit goes to both Devil_in_Disguise and to Jayden of of Caution.
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