After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2014 11:20 am

Disclaimer: Calypso and Orion owns everyone in Harry Potter, keeping them in a box under Caly's bed. We let them all out regularly for exercise and for planned play-dates with each other. However Voldemort needs to be let out more often, otherwise he goes on killing sprees and the mess to clean is horrendous.

Yes, these are long. Mainly because we have had to put what we call 'common sense rules' in. But please make sure you read them.

Board Rules
☆We don't have a set rating for the site. Just keep violence and swearing within reason. Any topics involving anything sexual MUST be posted in the ‘Red-Light District’ and marked with an [M]. While we do not wish to put a damper on creativity, foreplay is fine but please 'fade to black' with the actual act.

☆Absolutely no sexual relationships between characters under 16 are to be played out! Kissing and hand-holding is fine, but anything other than that is not allowed. Age of consent in both England and Scotland are 16 and we will not allow anything below that.

☆All face-claims must be famous. Meaning no hand drawings, regular people, anime or cartoon characters. If someone is already using a play-by, you may not use that person. Do not whine or throw a temper tantrum and just calmly pick another.

☆Same-sex relationships are more than welcome. No homophobia (or any other discrimination for that matter) will be tolerated. Sexualities of canon characters may be changed slightly (i.e. from heterosexual to bisexual). Canon relationships are discouraged.

☆We do have an activity quota. To be considered active, each character has to do three in-character posts a month. That's all. If you can't make that quota for some reason, please let an admin know.

☆If one of your characters stop being active, they will be put on the Adoptables list for someone else to take. Characters that have posted an app and been accepted but have not written an IC post after two weeks of joining will be considered inactive.

☆If you wish to have a shared account, state who is sharing the character in the introduction app. Registered characters can be seriously injured, but not killed.

☆Do not create a character related to someone in any way (sibling, partner, child, etc) without asking that person first.

☆Please be polite and civil to all members. We all want to keep this board as friendly and drama-free as possible, so we would appreciate it if you would treat all members with respect, even if you don't like them. Do not become offensive if there is any disagreement and please, if there is a problem with another user, try to solve that alone first, before contacting an admin for help.

☆Please talk to the staff! We are around in case you have any concerns, problems or questions. We promise we don't bite!

Posting Rules
☆Please keep OOC and IC relationships separate! We can’t stress this enough. Just because your characters hate each other on the board doesn't mean their players should!

☆All posting must be in third person, past tense. It’s easier to understand what’s going on if we all post the same.

☆Translation is your friend! If you're going to post in a language other than English, please post a translation note underneath.

☆Canon characters require a higher quality of writing than original characters, so please make sure you are trying your best with them. If the admins notice a canon character played OOC, the character will be taken off you and put up for grabs.

☆We do not have a word count here. All we ask is that you try to match the post length of the person above you in the thread. That is plain courtesy. If someone tries hard on a reply for you it is rather unkind to only give them a one-or-two sentence reply. Speaking of which: one-or-two liners are not actually allowed.

☆Refrain from 'godmodding'.  If for some reason you must 'godmod' another player's character, please ask them permission to do so and make a note of it at the bottom of your post. Any villainous acts should first be discussed with the people that are involved in that thread. For example, Loki can't trap Amy Pond in a dungeon without her owner giving him the go-ahead.

☆Although we have no set age rule, we highly recommend that you reconsider joining if you cannot handle adult themes, language and maturity, especially if you are under the age of 16.

Failure to comply to these rules will result in either a ban for a set period of time or a complete deletion of your character.


Legal disclaimer: This site is not meant for any financial gain. Meaning that we do not own Harry Potter or any trade-marked characters on this site. If we did then obviously Hermione would not have ended up with Ron.
All canon characters that are rped here are registered trademarks of J.K. Rowling and the Warner Bros. We do not claim any rights to the characters, books, or related indicia of their works.

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The Rules
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