After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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Joan Tate

Joan Tate

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PostSubject: you're sugar | Rand   you're sugar | Rand Icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2015 7:11 am

The fact that in her first two or three years of school Joan Tate had been the typical Slytherin student was an undeniable truth. The fact that she had realized that this was not necessarily a good thing and that she was trying to change was also true. But every major change takes time, and it cannot be done just like that, in one second. Maybe she was being nicer and kinder towards the people around her and maybe she was paying more attention in school, but breaking the rules was still in her Slytherin blood, and it was going to take a lot more time in order to go away, just like the other bad habits she had.

In her defense, it was a Sunday and she had no classes to attend. Even her Quidditch practice session had been put off, so she decided that staying in school all day long was too boring for someone like her. So, after she made sure that all of her roommates were in different sides of the school or the school grounds, she went up into her room and changed her clothes. She put on an old pair of jeans, a light blue tank top and a grey sweater, as well as a black-and-white cap, just in case she met someone familiar she had to hide from on the way out. Then, grabbing only her wand, which she never left behind, and some money, she snuck off to Hogsmeade, all by herself. The wizard village was definetly one of her favourite places to go to, not only because there were no muggles over there, but also thanks to the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly people she usually met there.

It was the first time she got there all by herself, but that didn't bother her much. Looking around at the shops and small restaurants, she decided that Honeydukes was the best idea for her at the moment. As an athlete, she was supposed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which meant that she was trying to avoid too much sugar or other bad stuff for her physical condition. But, as they always say, every now and then, some chocolate is the best idea you can have. Walking inside, her blue eyes started sparkling as she saw all of the goodies displayed on shelves, screaming to be bought and devoured in seconds. She probably spent over fifteen minutes trying to pick only one, but eventually she chose a chocolate skeleton. She then went to pay for it and, noticing that the man who was in front of her was not paying attention and hadn't noticed that it was his turn to pay for what he had bought, she slipped in front of him in line.
- Hello, she greeted the seller, placing the skeleton on the counter.


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Rand Lucas

Rand Lucas

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PostSubject: Re: you're sugar | Rand   you're sugar | Rand Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2015 12:17 am

i'm bad behavior
but i do it in the best way

With nothing more pressing and important to do in regards to his job, Rand had found himself in Hogsmeade quite easily. It was no bustling, grand city, nor was it even a city, but it was a pleasant little place filled with friendly enough people, good drinks, and great food. There was absolutely no reason in the world for Rand to avoid the place. Food was food. Especially the wondrous little goodies at Honeydukes.

It really only took one visit to the little shop to guess that anyone could easily spend the day browsing the shop's collection and could easily spend whatever money they had with them shopping at the little place. Selling everything wild, wonderful, and delicious from Bat's Blood Soup to Chocolate Wands, there was easily no end to the combinations of sweets one could walk out of Honeydukes with. And even adults like Rand enjoyed the place - Rand in particular.

The loose plans he had for the day was to shop-hop - going from shop to shop and bar to bar just relaxing and spending the day away. A few drinks would undoubtedly find their way into the mix, because how could one not get one while they visited one of the various places that offered such beverages?

Briefly, the male glanced up at the entrance of a younger blonde, who he guessed was more than likely a student, if he judged her age group correctly, before turning his attention back to the vast selection. After a few more moments of debate, he selected a Liquorice Wand as his treat, figuring that it'd be best to just keep the purchase at one thing, and made his way to pay, browsing along the way.

Seriously, there ware way too many things for Rand to choose from because of his sweet tooth. Shamelessly, he had quite the big one when it came down to it. So caught up in his browsing was he that he didn't notice it was his turn to pay until the younger blonde he'd seen come in earlier slipped ahead of him to pay for her order. It wasn't that big of a deal to Rand - he likely deserved it and what did it really hurt that she went first since he'd been still browsing? It was, however, a nice little tap on the shoulder to remind him that he really should restrain from buying everything within sight throughout his day. He really didn't think that would be a good image...

●●●● tag: joan tate // words: 418 // notes: is it just me, or is this a realllyyy tempting photo to use on a template?  
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Joan Tate

Joan Tate

Posts : 18

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PostSubject: Re: you're sugar | Rand   you're sugar | Rand Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2015 9:48 am

In all honesty, Joan had expected a rather nasty reaction from the young man who was technically in front of her in line, seeing that she had got to the counter before him, even though he had probably been waiting there for a while, since the store was rather crowded, as always. She knew how easily people could get upset when it came to such things, but if we were to think it thoroughly, it was his fault, because he was not paying attention to what was going on around him. It is safe to say that she was surprised that she did not hear him yell at her for that, but it was better this way for both of them, but especially for him. No matter how much she was trying to change, Joan did have a big mouth and a sharp tongue and she was quick to defend herself, even when she was not necessarily right. She always had her words with herself and she was quick to respond when provoked, so deciding not to snap at her was the best idea the young man could have.

She smiled as the seller handed her the change and nodded slightly. Sweets always made her happier and more cheerful, too bad she couldn't have them whenever she felt like it. Unlike muggles, people at Hogwarts didn't seem to care much about their eating habits, meaning that they usually ate whatever they felt like. She would have probably done so as well if it weren't for her usual activities, which included lots of sport and endless practice sessions that left her completely exhausted afterwards. That was why she had decided to cut sugar out of her diet, try to eat more fruits, vegetables and proteins and choose healthier alternatives to foods that did not necessarily increase her energy levels. But, as any nutritionist will say to you, a little thing called a 'cheat meal' was welcome every once in a while. More than that, it was even necessary so you don't go completely nuts.

Grabbing her chocolate skull, Joan turned around, only to almost bump into the young man from before. Her eyes widened slightly, but luckily, she managed to stop just in time so they did not collide - that would not have been a pretty sight. "Ooops, sorry," she said, as if it was the first time she had been wrong to him. Maybe she wouldn't have apologized normally, but as mentioned before, the fact that she was going to eat something sweet for the first time in ages was making her generally nicer and more cheerful with everything and everyone around her.

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PostSubject: Re: you're sugar | Rand   you're sugar | Rand Icon_minitime

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you're sugar | Rand
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