After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 Earning House Points And RP Galleons

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Supreme Mugwump
Supreme Mugwump

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PostSubject: Earning House Points And RP Galleons   Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:52 am

House points are something each student is desperate to earn in order for their house to win the coveted House Cup. Here is a guide on how they can do so. NOTE: This is for students only. Adults cannot earn house points since they no longer attend Hogwarts (however there is just one exception). Adults can instead earn Galleons.

IMPORTANT: Unless the points are to do with finished bios or events, staff will not be checking threads to give points out. If you qualify for any thread-related points, please PM this account with the link to the thread and we shall add it for you. Otherwise points will not be added; it's your responsibility to make staff aware of points that might be owing.

☆ registering with a new character (adult; awarded to their ex-house)

☆ registering with a new character (student)
☆ replying to an open thread (first person to reply only)

☆ posting an open thread
☆ participating in a class thread
☆ having a class thread that dies
☆ writing a 400+ word reply

☆ writing a reply with 500+ words
☆ creating a thread for 3+ characters

☆ bringing a class thread to an actual end
☆ writing a reply with 900+ words

☆ writing a reply with 1000+ words
☆ finishing a regular thread

House points can also be earned in class threads where Hogwarts staff are allowed to deduct or add points to a student's house. Should this happen, please notify staff and the points will be added.

From time to time there will be events that can help you earn more money for your house, and later down the track points may become purchasable at the RP Shop. Just a warning though - they will be very pricey to buy to deter any cheating.

If any members have any ideas on more ways to earn house points, please let me know!

Currently every time you post a thread starter, that character gets ʛ20. Each time you post a reply, you get ʛ10. Sometimes we have events that will boost your bank balance, but what else can you do?

Any of the following! Just PM Supreme Mugwump with whichever one of these you've done (with links as proof!) and we'll add the funds to your account. None of the admins will be monitoring this if you don't point it out, so if you want your money then you have to take the time to make us aware.

Advertise for us: ʛ10
Find a site we haven't hit up yet and post our ad there. Remember: no double-posting!

Fill A Wanted Ad: ʛ250
The requester would love you forever. You get to plot with a sexy new character. It's win-win.

Take Up An Adoptable: ʛ500
Adoptable canons desperately need to be taken up. They already have plot-lines and everything so you don't have to scratch your head coming up with plots. We would love you forever. Plus you get a nice kick-start with the funds. What's not to like?

Post A Character Bio Longer Than 900 words: ʛ300
Histories are a bitch to write. We all know this. If you put in the extra effort and give us a deeper insight into your character, you get this neat reward. Admins won't be checking history length when they accept characters, so you'll have to point it out.

Complete A Thread: ʛ100
This means it actually comes to an end, not just dies out from inactivity.

Participate In A Site Wide Event: ʛ200
Every once in a while we have site events. They only work if people participate. Each character that posts is eligible for this amount at the time of joining.

Survive An Activity Check: ʛ500
As a way of saying "thanks for keeping your characters active between checks", each time an activity check ends, all the remaining characters get this reward.

Thread Reaches Page 2: ʛ75
You've reached page 2! Super!

Thread Reaches Page 4: ʛ225

Thread Reaches Page 6: ʛ325

Thread Reaches Page 8+: ʛ475
You're on fire!!

50 IC Posts: ʛ500
Only thread posts count towards your IC count. Game and communication (owls, notes, howler) posts don't!

100 IC Posts: ʛ1000

200 IC Posts: ʛ3000

600+ Word Count Post: ʛ300
Since we've got no word count, we want to congratulate those that find enough muse to make long posts. This is by no means a requirement, but it's just nice to be rewarded when you try so hard.

800+ Word Count Post: ʛ400

1000+ Word Count Post: ʛ500

This'll be added on to every once in a while, so check back every few months. If you have any other ideas for things that could be paid out, feel free to PM me!
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Earning House Points And RP Galleons
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