After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 Girl Talk // Amy

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Hermione Granger


Posts : 5

PostSubject: Girl Talk // Amy   Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:22 pm

Hermione was exhausted after a very long day. The 14 year old had eaten some dinner, then retired to the common room. She'd changed into her comfiest Muggle clothes and she was now curled in front of the fire, her head resting in her hand. She had sort of needed to get away from the boys, too. She adored them, of course - they were her best friends, and she knew she could rely on them. But she couldn't really talk to them about her personal girl feelings. Her worries as a girl. They wouldn't really understand, after all. She wasn't mad at them for that, of course; girl feelings were often far more complicated than boys. If boys liked a girl, they just asked her out. If girls liked a boy, they needed to vent about it to some girlfriends and ask them for advice. Hermione didn't like any boys at the current moment, but she still had insecurities, as a girl, that she couldn't talk about with Harry and Ron. That, admittedly, got very frustrating at times, especially since the girls in her year could be hard to get along with sometimes. She raked a hand through her bushy hair, sighing softly.

In her first year at Hogwarts, Hermione had been befriended by Amelia Fairbairn; a girl who was, at the time, in her fourth year. Despite the age difference, Hermione had gotten along rather well with the Scottish girl. When Ron was a total git to her, it was Amy that Hermione went to. After the troll incident, at least. In her second year, it was the same, although she couldn't exactly spend time with the redhead when she was petrified. But still, the two were friends, and quite close ones at that. Hermione had looked up to the older girl for advice, and they'd had very interesting conversations that boys couldn't really have. The teenager smiled at the memory, but the smile soon turned into a frown. In the middle of her third year, her and Amy had sort of...drifted apart. What with Hermione's extra lessons, and her spending time with the boys to try and figure out the Sirius black thing, the two had just stopped spending time together and eventually, stopped talking. It wasn't as if they'd had a fight, they'd just...drifted apart. The thought of that made Hermione quite sad. She wouldn't deny that she missed Amy; especially now, in the deserted common room, when she needed a girl to talk to about the things that were on her mind.

She wanted to march out of the common room and find her friend, ask her outright for advice, but she really wasn't sure how exactly to do so. She didn't want to seem pushy, and besides, Amy had other friends. What if she didn't want Hermione around anymore? After all, there was still the age difference, and plus, Hermione was slightly bossy. She might seem annoying in Amy's eyes. Another gentle sigh left her lips and she rubbed her hands over her face frustratedly. She took her thoughts away from Amy and, instead, onto the newest problems that she was facing. There was meant to be a ball this year. While Hermione was excited for it, she was also nervous. What if nobody wanted to go with her? She had to have a date, and she didn't know anyone who would want to go with her. Ron and Harry would probably find dates easily. What if she ended up sitting in the common room alone, while everyone else was down at the ball having a good time? Hermione groaned, her head falling into her hands.

She didn't exactly want to complain about it too much, but she couldn't help worrying that she'd be the one sitting at the sidelines that everyone felt sorry for because she had nobody to dance with or chat to. She moved her hands from her face and looked into the fire, chewing on her lip and twirling some hair around her finger. She felt more nervous about it than she probably should.  It wasn't only because she doubted she'd have a date. She also had to find the perfect dress and shoes, and her hair had to be perfect...Hermione groaned again, tugging lightly at a strand of her hair. This was going to be a long and mentally painful night if she was just going to sit and keep all these thoughts bottled up in her head...oh, great.

Tagged: Amelia Fairbairn
Outfit: click
Notes: Sorry this is kind of long xD But obviously you don't have to match it! I just wanted to set the scene and stuff.
Word count: 750
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Amelia Fairbairn


Posts : 12

PostSubject: Re: Girl Talk // Amy   Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:20 am

Amelia was exhausted. Every movement, no matter how small made her bones ache, and her pretty features creased into a frown as she started the trek to the Gryffindor common room. She was thoroughly beginning to rethink this Head Girl lark. She wondered if in the history of Hogwarts anyone had ever resigned from being head girl or head boy. With all the responsibilites, it was certainly a plausible thought. Not only were the professors throwing work at them like never before due to the NEWTs later that year, she now had all the added responsibilities of looking after the student body and making sure no one killed each other.

Running a weary hand through her hair, she mumbled the Gryffindor password out to the Fat Lady and stumbled inside. Tonight she'd had to deal with two Slytherins almost landing each other in the hospital wings in a fight over one of her fourth-years. The redhead bit back a small smile, shaking her head. Those snakes were full of surprises. She'd become disenchanted in the Slytherin house when Draco Malfoy had started his first year, strutting around like he owned the place just because his father was one of the school governors, and terrorizing everyone he laid his eyes on. Though she was on ok terms with the elder students of that house, Malfoy had made her lose all of her faith in the youngest generation of Slytherins. But she'd been pleasantly surprised tonight over Daphne Greengrass's quick defense of her Gryffindor friend. Amelia knew that she shouldn't condone such behavior, but she had to hand it to Daphne - that girl could throw a mean punch, and an even meaner hex.

A soft sigh left Amelia's lips.All Amelia wanted to do right now was crawl into bed and sleep for the next week. Right about now she envied bears and their hibernation - how wonderful it seemed right now to hide from everything and sleep for three months. What she really wanted to do right now was to sneak down to the Hufflepuff common room and cuddle her girlfriend, but that would have to wait until the weekend. As Head Girl she could take a lot of liberties, but no matter how lenient Professor Sprout was, Amelia was sure that even she wouldn't let her stay until lights out. The Head Girl was, after all, supposed to set a good example, and sneaking into other common rooms and staying up past bed time wasn't considered a good example.

Sinking down on the couch, she rubbed her eyes for a long moment before looking at the fire. Noticing a bushy-haired student lying in front of it, Amelia smiled. It had been a long time since she and Hermione had gotten to just sit and chat. Way too long. Over the years they had slowly drifted apart despite being in the same house, but now seemed the perfect time to fix that. "You'll wreck your eyes reading lying down," Amelia pointed out in way of greeting, though friendly teasing was evident in her tone. "And though you can probably pull off a lot of looks, I don't think Harry's glasses would suit you much."

TAGGED``: hermione
OUTFIT``: regular gryffindor uniform, cloak, and head girl badge
NOTES``: this is gonna be adorbes. events mentioned in this topic are a future thread that draco's, liana's and daphne's owners have already organised.
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Hermione Granger


Posts : 5

PostSubject: Re: Girl Talk // Amy   Sat Aug 16, 2014 8:17 am

Hermione raised her eyebrows slightly, shaking herself out of her thoughts - or daydreams, whatever they were called - for about the fourth time that day. She wasn't usually one to zone out, but she'd been doing it a lot lately. Maybe you're just thinking too much lately. You might need to have some fun, Hermione. Surely you can spare one day to do something that isn't studying? She sighed lightly and tugged at her hair gently, letting out a frustrated little huffing noise that she wasn't even aware she could do. She rubbed her temples with her fingertips, sighing lightly. She remembered her mother saying that her teenage years were going to be complicated - and that was before they even knew about the whole magic thing. She zoned out again, remembering all the advice her parents had given her in the past.

She glanced up when she heard a very familiar voice. She was surprised at the fact that mere minutes ago she'd been thinking about Amy, and now here she was, talking to her as if they hadn't stopped talking for as long as they had. Still, she was glad they could go back to how they used to be pretty easily. She smiled at the older girl and sat up straight, turning herself sideways so she was facing the redhead. She gave a little shrug. "I think I could pull off glasses. Just not ones like Harry's." the frizzy-haired girl stated. She brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear once more, her smile at the older girl becoming slightly more shy as she picked her next words. "How have you been, Amy? It's been a long time since we last talked. Or spent time together. Or whatever. I've missed you." as shy as she felt saying it, Hermione didn't bother trying to take it back. She knew that some people would feel awkward about her suddenly confessing that she'd missed them, but she had a feeling that Amy wasn't like that.

She paused, wondering if it was worth it asking Amy if she could vent to her. With one careful, studying glance, Hermione could tell that the other was exhausted; long day, probably. She chewed on her lip, her eyes straying back to the common room fire, getting lost in her thoughts again. It took her a moment, but then she came back to reality, looking up at the redhead. "I heard you finally have a girlfriend. That's great! I'm really happy for you." she beamed. It was old news in the common room; she knew some people were being really judgemental about it, but for the most part, people seemed happy for the two girls.

Hermione knew that this girl Amy was dating - Clara, she remembered - was a Hufflepuff and she was in Amy's year. Hermione had met her in the library a few times and she'd seemed really nice. The redhead girl deserved someone nice. Hermione sighed wistfully, wishing that she could find someone nice for herself. She knew she was only 14 and she still had many years to go, but still. The whole "first kiss" fiasco was something that was sort of considered sacred, even in the wizarding world. And she did, of course, have her insecurities, as every teenage girl did. She sighed softly, raking a hand through her hair again. She had a habit of playing with her hair when she was deep in thought or nervous about something. Or, you know, both.

Tagged: Amelia Fairbairn
Outfit: click
Notes: This is going to be really cute! Hermione's kind of stressed though, poor baby 8( Oh the joys of being a teenage girl xD
Word count:586
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PostSubject: Re: Girl Talk // Amy   

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Girl Talk // Amy
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