After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 This Could Be The Start Of Something Magical // Amelia

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Clara Salvatore


Posts : 12

PostSubject: This Could Be The Start Of Something Magical // Amelia   Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:04 am

It was nearing the start of Clara's last year at Hogwarts, and she was at Diagon Alley with her parents and her two sisters getting her supplies. She was nervous; after all, the hardest exams of her Hogwarts experience were going to be this year, and although she had a lot of time before that, she was still nervous. Really nervous. Her parents were being very supportive, but that didn't stop Clara's nervousness. She kept biting her lip and picking at her nails all through the day as they wandered around getting her books and new robes. When they'd finished getting all the major things, Clara asked her parents if she could wander around for a while and meet them later. They agreed. After ruffling the hair of both her sisters, she sauntered off, her arms slightly crossed and her hair brushed behind her ear. She had some money with her, so after a while she decided to go to the ice cream parlour, since she was kind of hungry and ice cream was the best way to quell nervousness. So she headed in that direction, thinking as she went. What would this year be like? Would she make more friends? Find romance? Or would it just be as normal as the two years before? To take her mind off of the fact that this was her last year, Clara pictured what her dream girl would be like. She'd already imagined her dream guy enough times, so it was time for a dream girl.

Clara's ideal girl would be slightly sassy, brave, and fiercely loyal. She'd be sweet and funny too, but you'd probably have to get to know her first. Maybe a little flirty, but only when not in a relationship. She sighed dreamily and shook herself out of the little daydream she'd gone into. She entered the ice cream parlour and looked around. The place was fairly empty; she was surprised. More people would probably start coming in later. Clara stepped up to the counter and ordered three scoops of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce on top. She paid for the ice cream, picked up the little bowl, and scanned around, trying to figure out where to sit. Her eyes found a table at the back, next to a window, and she walked over there to sit down. Ice cream was usually better with company, but she'd spent the entire day with her family so she didn't exactly want to sit with them. She loved them, sure, but still. She kind of wished her friends were here, but maybe she'd make a new friend today. Who knew. She continued to think about her dream girl, spooning a bit of ice cream into her mouth. Her face turned to one of pure bliss at the taste. She loved ice cream. Especially from this particular parlour. She sighed happily, pushing her hair back behind her ear again. She couldn't help but glance up as the door swung open. Really, Clara? Is that curiosity or you being nosey?

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Amelia Fairbairn


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PostSubject: Re: This Could Be The Start Of Something Magical // Amelia   Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:15 am

As usual at this time of year, Diagon Alley was absolutely packed. Parents clung onto their children in desperate attempts not to get separated, all laden with with various lumpy packages. Owls screeched from their perches outside Eeylops Owl Emporium, toddlers bawled as their icecreams fell off their cones, and the chatter amongst the crowd grew to an almost deafening level. It was sheer madness. Each year Amelia and her aunt Sharon tried to go at different times, sometimes as soon as Amelia recieved her supply list, sometimes as close to the school term as possible. No time was better than the other; Diagon Alley was always packed in the lead-up to the start of the school year. Not that Amelia minded it much - it was nice to get out and about amongst witches and wizards. It sure beat spending all Summer on your lonesome, doing homework and studying for the upcoming N.E.W.T exams, with no one but Knarl's and hedgehogs recovering from injury for company.

Taking Amelia to buy her school things was about the only affection that her aunt showed towards her. The relationship wasn't a happy one and Amelia couldn't wait until she finished Hogwarts and moved out. Nothing she did was ever good enough for her aunt. No matter how good her test results were, or the fact that she'd not once landed in detention in all six years of school, or even the fact that she'd been appointed Head Girl for this year, nothing was ever good enough for Aunt Sharon. The lead-up to the school year was always the worst for Amelia, because seeing all the other students with their parents made her miss hers with a fierceness that was dimmed throughout the rest of the year. The only other time it got this bad was at Christmas.

Wriggling her wrist out of Aunt Sharon's iron grip, Amelia turned to her guardian. "Aunt Sharon, I'm exhausted. Please can I go get an icecream?" she pleaded, a hint of whining in her Scottish accent. "I promised some friends from school that I'd meet them..." That was a lie, but one that her aunt didn't need to know. Amelia was a lone wolf and as such didn't have any friends. She was loved by her own House, but though she came across as bubbly and friendly, her habit of building walls to prevent herself from getting hurt certainly put a damper on potential friendships. Yes, she had Rory, but Rory hardly counted. They'd known each other for so long that at times Amy thought of him more like a brother than anything.

With a promise to meet her back at The Leaky Cauldron in an hour, Amelia happily dashed off, not giving her aunt a backwards glance lest she change her mind about letting her go. Rummaging around in her jean pockets, she pulled out a small purse and checked how much money she had saved in there. Amelia had never been given any pocket money while growing up, and it was only through finding random coins around the house and through working weekends at Honeydukes that she had managed to get herself any sort of money. Fearing that her aunt may learn about this tiny income and want to take it for herself, Amelia had gotten a Ravenclaw prefect to help her with an undetectable extension charm on her jeans, early in her third year just so she could stash her purse.

Florean's was busy as usual, but after some time, Amelia emerged into the sunshine holding a glass icecream glass with a scoop of raspberry, lemon, and cherry in it. Eyes searching the area for a place to sit, she gently bit her lip. All the tables were full except for one, where a pretty brunette was enjoying her cone. Not one to miss an opportunity to sit in the sunshine and eat icecream, Amelia approached the girl and flashed her a friendly smile. "Excuse me, do you mind?" she asked, gesturing to the free seat opposite the pretty brunette. "Everywhere else is full," she added, somewhat sheepishly.

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Clara Salvatore


Posts : 12

PostSubject: Re: This Could Be The Start Of Something Magical // Amelia   Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:17 am

It was surprisingly sunny today, actually. Clara was quite impressed. After all, she was used to rain and such. She sighed softly, thinking back to her childhood absently. On sunny days, when she was younger, she and Aaron used to run around and go on their own little adventures together. She smiled lightly at the thought. She and Aaron were like best friends; they trusted each other with everything and they gave each other the best advice. She sighed softly. She missed her brother. She made a note to send an owl to him later. He was travelling currently; she was pretty sure he was currently in America, although she wasn't 100% sure on that one. She ran a hand through her hair and ate another spoonful of ice cream, smiling softly. She wasn't aware of someone approaching her until a voice cut through her thoughts about her childhood. She swallowed the scoop of ice cream she had in her mouth before turning her attention towards the female.

Clara glanced up at the girl and was rather dazzled by the friendly smile that she was met with. However, she instantly smiled back and nodded, gesturing to the seat in front of her. "Of course! Go ahead." she said, her smile widening slightly as she took the other girl in. She was rather pretty; red hair, green eyes...Scottish accent, she noted. And damn, does that girl have some legs. Wow. She is practically made of legs. She grinned at the girl, turning back towards her ice cream. After a few moments, she brushed a bit of hair behind her ear and smiled sweetly at the girl. Perhaps she was making a new friend? Who knew. She was pretty sure she'd seen the girl at Hogwarts before...Gryffindor seventh year, she realized after a few moments. They'd had a few classes together in the past. She looked down at her ice cream shyly, composing herself. It wasn't very often that she talked to pretty girls; sure, her friends were quite pretty, but they were more like her sisters than anything.

"I'm Clara, by the way, Clara Salvatore. And who might you be?" she looked up, casually spooning another bit of ice cream into her mouth. While she recognized the girl in front of her from seeing her around, she couldn't remember what her name was. In fact, she wasn't sure she'd ever heard her name before. She felt slightly sheepish that she couldn't remember that, although in her defence, she wasn't sure that they'd ever spoken before. She twirled her hair absently around her finger, just as she did when she was nervous. She wasn't even aware she was doing it, really; it was that much of a habit that she kind of forgot about it.

She glanced over, raising an eyebrow as she noticed her family piling into the ice cream parlour. She sighed, wondering if they'd come and sit with her even though she kind of wanted some time by herself, but they didn't. They simply got their ice cream and then exited. Viola saw Clara at the last minute and, being the total sweetheart that the young girl was, she skipped over, gave Clara a hug, waved at the redhead sitting opposite Clara, and then scurried back to her parents and sister. Clara laughed softly, shaking her head and glancing over at the redhead to explain. "Sorry about that. That's Viola, my sister. She likes to give me hugs whenever she sees me." she watched as her family left, then turned her attention back to her potential new friend.
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PostSubject: Re: This Could Be The Start Of Something Magical // Amelia   

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This Could Be The Start Of Something Magical // Amelia
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