After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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 A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience

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Kiara Fitzsimmons

Kiara Fitzsimmons

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A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience Empty
PostSubject: A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience   A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience Icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2014 11:56 am

The sound of crickets filled the evening air as twilight began to fall. The evening peak rush had subsided, leaving the streets nearly empty save for the odd jogger with their dog and a few couples walking hand-in-hand, enjoying the warm summer evening. A smile played on Kiara's lips, a look of content crossing her features. Working at the Ministry of Magic meant that by evening she was absolutely exhausted to the point where her bones ached, but she was happy. Yet another intensive day of Auror training had finished, bringing her just that much closer to having the 'trainee' bit dropped from her job title, which for Kiara couldn't come soon enough. She was desperate to get out into the world, to go out and actually work on the front lines. She wanted to get out there and make a change, and she couldn't wait until all the training finished.

But all thoughts of becoming a fully-fledged Auror and going out into the big bad world to fight evil was put to the back of her mind tonight. Tonight she and Patience were heading to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour for an impromptu ice-cream date. What with work and actually living as an adult with bills to pay and no house elves to help with laundry and dinner, it had been some time since they had last gone out. Snuggling up and listening to the Wizarding Wireless Network almost every evening was absolutely wonderful and all, but Kiara wanted to go out for a change. And so, just as she was ditching her robes for a dress and blouse to start the walk home, she had suddenly come up with the idea of an ice-cream date. Because what was better than a Fortescue ice-cream cone after such a hot and tiring day?

Passing a garden where a row of rose bushes grew near the fence, Kiara reached out and gently picked off a red rose bloom and gently tugging at Patience's hand so she would turn, reached out and carefully tucked it behind the blonde's ear. A small grin played on her lips, and the next second she laced her fingers through Patience's and gave her girlfriend's hand a soft squeeze. Life was good. She had a job, her own flat (after a couple of moves from one dump to the next, she had finally found a place that she more or less liked), and she was going on a date with her best friend. Kiara's grin widened as a gentle breeze ruffled her hair and she edged just a bit closer to Patience. Life was absolutely brilliant.

STATUS``: active
TAGGED``: patience <3
OUTFIT``: denim dungaree dress, white socks and shoes
NOTES``: set a couple of years after they graduated from Hogwarts and are training to become Aurors
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Patience Pyrites

Patience Pyrites

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A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience   A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience Icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 7:31 am

Life was good, it was indeed good even though they lived in a time of war.Patience though a she walked with Kiara toward Fortescue's Icecream Parlor, and while they walked Patience had a smile on her face, she liked her job, and she had great friends, she was even in a great relationships. Life was good to her, and she would be sure to do the most with her life, and thats why she had chosen to join Lord Voldemort's forces soon after she left Hogwarts and now attempt to become a spy for him in the Ministry of Magic. Patience had chosen Lord Voldemort's side because she agreed with his ideology and because she saw that in the end they would be the winning side of this conflict, the Ministry only had failure after failure in their track record, the Ministry of Magic was a relic of the past, the secrecy of Wizards was a relic of the past, it was time for Wizards to leave the shadows and rise into the sunlight. It was time for Wizard kind to put the Muggles into their proper place, beneath he feet of magic

Patience was feeling slightly guilty that she was keeping her true allegiance a secret from Kiara, she felt like she was betraying Kiara by her actions, but at the same time Patience felt that her actions were the right one. Patience then tarted to think if she should reveal her true allegiance to Kiara and try to convince her to join on the winning side, the side of the future, the side of progress. Patience did not feel any guilt from spying on the Ministry for Lord Voldemort, but at the same time the guilt of spying on her own girlfriend even though indirect was eating away Patience from the inside. Should I tell her? That as the thought that occupied most of Patience mind when she had the time to think. Patience had to evaluate the risks, if Kiara agreed to join, all would e well, but if she refused, that could mean a rather quick trip to Azkaban. Azkaban, Patience had a slight shudder from that thought, she was terrified of going to Azkaban for her actions, she knew that if the Ministry found out that was exactly where she would be off to.

With the current Ministry of Magic, their justice system was a mockery of Justice. All they gave were show trials to those whom were accussed of working for the Death Eater's no matter the validity of such accusations. Patience was sure that if she revealed her allegieance to Kiara and things went badly she was in for a fairly long and depressing stay in Azkaban, or god forbid, she may even be sentenced to life in Azkaban. Life in Azkaban was not a life, it was a fate worse than death, Patience was terrified, and thus even with her guilt, she could not bring herself to reveal her allegiance. It was better to feel guilty than end up in Azkaban.

As they walked by a garden, Patience felt Kiara tugging her arm, thus she turned aroun and looked a Kiara with a warm smile on her face. Just as she turned around, she saw and felt Kiara place a rose behind her ear and could not help but smile even farther. Patience then just in a joking tone "You always were the romantic one, Kiara." Patience then leaned in to give a brief kiss to Kiara. Patience loved Kiara, and this love was causing her guilt, guilt that was eating hr away, but her logic mind told her the only way she could remove this guilt would end up with her in Azkaban. Her more emotional mind told her that Kiara loved her, and would not send her to Azkaban, there was even a very small shane she would join the Death Eater's because of that love.
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A Rose By Any Other Name // Patience
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