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 Meeting a old friend // Kiara

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Patience Pyrites


Posts : 8

PostSubject: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:48 am

Patience was sitting outside of the Ministry of Magic, she had no money, no job, and no place to live. No one was willing to hire a former Death Eater, well some Death Eater's managed to reintegrate themselves with society by claiming the Dark Lord had put them under a Imperius Curse, but Patience, she didn't do any of that. Thus she had to pay for her actions, she had to face the consequences of the things she did in service of the Dark Lord. Patience had to spend about a decade in Azkaban for her crimes, and at times she wondered how she still had her sanity. Well how she still had most of her sanity, people would say that joining the Death Eater was the actions of a sane person. The true irony of the situation was that she no longer believed in the ideology of the Death Eaters, but she only stopped believing soon after being imprisoned in Azkaban. If she had claimed to be under the Imperius curse, she may have been able to escape most or all of the punishment and be able to reintegrate herself with society.

She was sitting outside like a common beggar, it was the only way she could manage to make any amount of money now a days, since no one was willing to hire her. Patience also had no place to stay, thus she was staying on the streets, again like a common beggar. Patience refused to go to her parents to ask for help, she was too prideful for that. Patience had a falling out with her parents when she decided to become a Death Eater, and even though she no longer believed in the ideology, she was too prideful to admit that she was wrong to her parents and ask for forgiveness.

Patience sat outside of the Ministry of Magic and was begging for money from anyone whom entered and exited the Ministry. She found it amusing that she was willing to lower herself to a common beggar but was unwilling to ask for forgiveness. Patience also tried to keep the Dark Mark on her arm hidden and covered, if anyone saw it they would likely lose any and all sympathy they would have at the homeless person.
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Kiara Fitzsimmons


Posts : 12

PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:31 am

Stifling a very unlady-like yawn by bringing the back of her hand to her mouth, Kiara took a swig of her coffee before wrinkling her nose at the offensive taste. That was the last time she was buying her morning beverage at Luchino; drinking this swill was worse than any Polyjuice Potion she had ever concocted. It was downright vile. Dropping the cup into a passing bin, the brunette rooted around in her handbag before popping a piece of gum into her mouth to get rid of the acrid taste.

Brushing her fringe from her eyes, Kiara couldn't help the scowl that had settled on her features. Normally she enjoyed the morning walk to the Ministry, but this morning every bit of the walk was horrid. The wind was bitter, her coffee was foul, and to top it all off, she was absolutely exhausted. The last few nights the Auror hadn't been sleeping well, constantly waking up during the night and having nightmares, and it had definitely taken its toll on her. Again she brought her hand to her mouth to cover yet another yawn, mind wandering to ways she could charm her office to keep everyone out so she could sleep.

The Ministry building loomed ahead and Kiara slowed her pace just a little. She really didn't want to go in to work and deal with people today. As had become the norm lately, there was yet another begger sitting outside the Ministry. There had been more than a fair few there ever since the Quidditch World Cup; Kiara reckoned they had gambled away all their money away at the Cup and now had to beg to get back home. Hand rooting around in her coin purse, Kiara pulled out a Galleon and tossed it the filthy creature, eyes brushing over her. One less Galleon in her vault didn't make much difference to the brunette, but maybe it would help this beggar woman.

Suddenly stopping, Kiara wheeled around to do a double-take, and recognizing the beggar woman, Kiara's eyes grew round. What a small world it was after all. It had been years since she had last seen her ex-best-friend and now here she was, begging outside the Ministry. Of all the things Kiara had thought would happen to Patience, this was certainly not one of them. "Well, well, looks like life's treating you well," Kiara remarked wryly as she walked up to the blonde, eyebrow raised slightly. "What in Merlin's name happened to you? And when exactly was the last time you showered?" she added, wrinkling her nose slightly.

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Patience Pyrites


Posts : 8

PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:27 am

As she sat at the doorsteps of the Ministry of Magic, begging for any amount of money that people are willing to spare, Patience was thinking about the decisions she made that finally led her to this pitiful situation. The mistakes she made, she was willing to admit to herself that joining the Death Eater's was a mistake of her youth, but at the same time she was too prideful to admit that it was a mistake to everyone else. When asked if she regretted her actions on joining the Death Eater's, Patience will say that she did not, she will admit it was not the best choice she made, but she will not admit she did anything wrong, though in private, Patience knew her actions in the past were inexcusable.

She was thinking about the past when she heard the sound of a coin being thrown to the ground. Patience quickly started to look for the coin and once she saw it, she said a thank you in a quiet tone. She then reached for the coin and putted it away for safe keeping. Few people if any ever give money to beggars, but still it was the only way Patience could get money with her background. She had been a Death Eater and was guilty of working with the Dark Lord, she was once a Dark Witch, and in public she was still a avid supporter of the ideologies of the Dark Lord. Patience was not a supporter of those ideologies anymore but she was too prideful to admit her mistakes.

Patience then looked for the person whom threw the coin to her, and noticed a familiar face, Kiara Fitzsimmons, a really old friend of her, a friend from her time at Hogwarts. Well to be honest, Kiara was a former friend of her, Patience had a falling out with most of her friends from Hogwarts when she decided that being a Dark Witch was the way of the future, when she decided to become a Death Eater, and any friends that remained after that most certainly abandoned her when she was convicted and sentenced to Azkaban. Patience didn't blame them, to be honest, she deserved it all, she had massively fucked up by becoming a Dark Witch and joining the Dark Lord, she was the one whom burned those bridges.

"I see your humour hasn't left you.
" Patience replied in a slightly annoyed tone, she understood that she deserved her current conditions, she understood most people would look down upon her, but it did not mean she was going to like it. "You already know what happened to me, with my background no one is willing to hire me, and since no one hires me this is all I can do." Patience then did a small chuckle when Kiara asked her when was the last time she had a bath, Patience had already forgotten when was the last time she took a bath.
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Kiara Fitzsimmons


Posts : 12

PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:36 am

"My humour was one of the reasons you loved me though," Kiara shot back, a hint of a smirk curling up the corners of her mouth. However no sooner had the words left her mouth did she wish she could summon them back. Happy memories of their relationship days flashed through Kiara's mind and her heart gave a sharp pang. Biting the inside of her lip, the brunette's smile wavered and a wave of emotions washed over her, starting from guilt, turning into indignation and finally ending in plain sadness. It had been primarily because of her that Patience had been thrown into Azkaban and that had fueled her guilt for many a month, but that guilt had quickly dissipated when she'd found out that the blonde had been spying for the Dark Lord. Betrayal was not something Kiara could forgive.

Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, a sigh escaped the Kiara's lips. "When was the last time you ate something fresh?" she asked quietly, more out of the need to break the silence rather than an actual curiosity, for she was sure that the answer was probably days, if not weeks. The brunette rubbed a hand over her eyes, her quiet demeanour belying the distress she felt over seeing Patience like this. Kiara had expected a lot of things to happen to Patience after the other had gotten dragged off to Azkaban, but this hadn't been one of them. In hindsight, Kiara knew she should have known that a stint in Azkaban wouldn't bode well for anyone, but she honestly hadn't expected this. To see Patience, the woman that she had once loved with all her heart, now a filthy hobo begging for scraps so she could get by, was heartbreaking.

"Come on, there's a cafe not far from here. They don't do Butterbeer, but the Muggle equivalent isn't all that bad. And maybe a pie or two." She knew that she was going to get a stern telling off for being late to work, but Kiara didn't care. She wasn't about to leave her after finding her like this. That wasn't what friends did. Even if they were ex-friends.

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Patience Pyrites


Posts : 8

PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:16 am

When Patience heard Kiara joke that her humour was the reason she loved her, Patience briefly had a smile remembering the good days, then went to a frown, she was at first happy to remember the memories of her past relationship with Kiara, then the happiness turned into anger. Kiara had betrayed her, and sent her to Azkaban. "And look what that love got me to, you sent me to Azkaban, you action made me lose ten years of my life, ten fucking years of my life in a hell hole prison, without sunlight getting the life sucked out of my Dementors." Patience was pissed at Kiara, she was fucking pissed that she had ten years of her life taken away from her, angry that she had been imprisoned in Azkaban. Then the memories of Azkaban began to come back to her, causing tears to come to her.

Patience start to give quite sobs when she remembered what she went through in Azkaban, and tried to gain control of her emotions again. Once Patience regained control of her emotions she looked a Kiara and said in a serious tone "That did not happen." Patience did not like admitting to weakness, she was a prideful thing, and her pride has caused her many problems. Many many problems. "Last time I ate something fresh, likely before my wonderful extended stay in Azkaban, thanks to you."

"You want me to have Muggle food?" Patience said in a shocked tone, then after a brief pause, hesitating thinking about the next few words that would come out of her mouth. "You know how much I despise Muggle's an mudbloods." Patience no longer hated Muggle's and Muggle borns but she still kept up a act, due to her pride she kept up a act. Patience simply does not want to admit that she was ever wrong, being wrong was a insult to her own intelligence
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Kiara Fitzsimmons


Posts : 12

PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:42 am

"Don't you dare even start, Pyrites!" Kiara hissed, eyes narrowing in anger. "It's entirely your fault that you got thrown into Azkaban. If you hadn't been dumb enough to spy for the Dark Lord then you wouldn't have wasted ten years of your life in that hellhole," Kiara spat, a wave of rage washing over her. She'd beaten herself up and dissected every tiny aspect of the events enough times to come to realize that in the end it had been no one's fault but Patience's for making the wrong decisions in regards of who to follow. Could she herself have not said anything to the Ministry? Possibly, but the truth would have outed in due time anyway. As great as a liar as Kiara was, she wouldn't have been able to keep up the charade long as keeping Patience's betrayal went against all of her morals.

Taking a step back, Kiara turned around, taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself. Her heart was racing, her breaths were shallow, and she felt that if Patience said one more word in blame that she might actually punch her. It had been a long while since she'd last snapped. Such things didn't happen often as Kiara liked to bottle up her emotions instead of them run rampant. But the entire thing was throwing her off balance. Most of her didn't want to see Patience, didn't want to think about the reason for their separation, or anything else to do with their friendship. And yet a tiny part of her was glad to see her again, if only because Kiara still cared for the infuriating woman. Not that she'd actually admit to that aloud.

"Well tough," Kiara shot back coldly. "It's either Muggle food or the rotting crap you pick out of the Ministry trash each night. Take it or leave it." The brunette was slowly beginning to regret starting a conversation with her ex-girlfriend. I should have just kept walking after I gave her that coin... Kiara thought in frustration, running a hand through her hair. Maybe if she declines the offer I can get back to the office without being too late... It would be heartbreaking for her to leave Patience behind in such a state, but there was only so much anger that Kiara could handle being thrown at her, especially since she had been the one in the right the entire time.

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Patience Pyrites


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PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:43 am

Patience agreed that she made a mistake internally, a massive mistake and that ten years of her life were gone because of her own stupidity. She understood the problems, but her pride refused to allow her to admit to others that she understood the problems. Her pride refused to allow her to admit her mistakes, especially infront of people whom she knew. Patience understood her problems, she understood there were ways that she could sort of fix her life, but her pride refused to allow her to fix her life. Patience was smart but remarkably dumb at the same time. "My mistake was to trust you, I felt guilty about lying to you, about hiding my allegiance." Patience's treachery toward the ministry had been revealed when she told Kiara her true allegiance, the reason why was she felt guilty hiding it from Kiara. "What I got when I told the truth to you was ten years in Azkaban, you could have atleast gave me a chance to leave before turning me into the Ministry instead of arresting me and handing me on a platter to Crouch."

When Patience realized what she had said in her anger against Kiara, she started to regret it. She knew she deserved all the punishment that she had recieved, she had made a massive mistake, she and chosen the wrong side, and she likely got off far better than she deserved. A part of Patience understood that if Kiara had not arrested and handed her over to the Ministry when she did, Patience sooner or latter would have crossed a line where she would not be abelt ot return from. She would instead be serving a  life sentence in Azkaban instead of just ten years. She would still be in Azkaban. "I m sorry." Patience quietly muttered, hoping that Kiara would not have heard what she said, her anger toward Kiara was simply because Kiara was the best scapegoat for everything that had happened to her.

"You have a point there, but with my current condition, I would likely be thrown out of the place as soon as I enter." Patience said as she took a look at herself. The condition she was in was terrible, her cloths were old and broken, she was dirty, and she was starving. Patience then asked "Why are you even helping me?" Patience did not understand why Kiara was attempting to help her, Patience was pretty sure she burnt the bridge between them with her actions, her terrible and stupid actions. "Why help me after everything I have done? Haven't I betrayed you and your precious Ministry?"
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Kiara Fitzsimmons


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PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:17 am

i hate everything about you but why do I love you?
every time we lie awake after every hit we take. Every feeling that I get, but I haven't missed you yet.  All the feelings that I get, but I still don't miss you yet. Only when I stop to think about it... I hate everything about you, why do I love you? You hate everything about me, why do you love me?
Kiara ran a hand through her hair, biting her lip down hard to prevent herself from slapping Patience and screaming at her with all the rage that she felt right now. They were in public; it was unwise to cause a scene, especially since it would look very bad if she was seen slapping a hobo woman. "You're right, it was a mistake to trust me. Obviously in all our years together you didn't learn a single thing about me, because if you really thought that just because I loved you I would turn my back on my country and on everything I know to be good and right to join you in your genocidal crusade than you're an idiot," Kiara spat at Patience, trying to control her anger and failing. She turned away, swallowing with difficulty the angry lump that had grown in her throat. She was filled with so much rage at Patience; not because of the stupid choices she had made in her youth, but because she had the guts to try and blame Kiara for her own downfall. It had been her own stupid fault that she had decided to side with a genocidal maniac; she'd only done what she had for the good of the country.

The apology that Patience uttered was soft, but Kiara managed to catch it. The two words made her soften, and a soft sigh left her lips as her furious expression slackened. Oh Patience, you idiot, what am I to do with you? Kiara wanted to pull her into a hug and hold her close, tell her that everything was going to be ok and despite whatever happened, they'd get through it together. But she stopped herself and made no move closer to the blonde; it was painful territory to tread. Despite the decade that had passed, Kiara still loved the insufferable woman deeply. She knew that she shouldn't, not after everything Patience had done, but the heart wanted what it wanted, and her heart wanted this woman that made her simultaneously want to both punch her and kiss her.

But she wasn't going to admit to these feelings. Obviously Patience didn't harbour any feelings for her since the prison sentence, so Kiara wasn't about to pour her heart out to her. She had once upon a time, and look where that had gotten her. She cleared her throat and took a step closer to Patience. "I'm not helping you, I'm trying to help but you're being stubborn about it," she remarked, the words coming out more gruffly than Kiara had expected. "And I'm trying because you were once a friend, and I don't know about how things are done in your book, but I don't like to leave friends on the side of the road like some mangy stray dog. Now are you coming or not?" she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

words: 485 | tag: @Patience Pyrites | outfit: suit, vest and shirt, black heels, and black handbag | notes: the feelsssssss *sobs*

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Patience Pyrites


Posts : 8

PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:53 am

Patience heard the rage in Kiara's voice, Patience knew that her attempts to blame Kiara for her own problems had angered her and had conflicting thoughts about the current situation. On one hand, Patience wanted Kiara to just leave her alone, she did deserve this all after all, and on the other hand Patience was fearful that Kiara would just leave again. All this time, no one gave even the remotest sense of sympathy toward Patience after her release, no one but Kiara, the woman whom turned Patience into the ministry and caused her imprisonment in the first place was the one whom was now trying to help her.

"I was a fool." Patience quietly muttered to herself, at the moment she was not sure whether she was talking more about her trying to convince Kiara to join her as a Death Eater or joining the Death Eater's in the first place. Patience now understood the gravity and horrors of her past actions, but her pride refuses to allow her to admit that she was wrong. Patience knew she had no one but herself to blame for all the problems in her life, she had a decent life before she threw it all away to join the Death Eaters, she had been young and dumb.

Truth be told, Patience knew that if Kiara had not turned her into the ministry when she did, Patience would have likely crossed the line of no return and would be serving a life sentence in Azkaban like so many other Death Eaters. As she thought about that, Patience briefly shuddered in fear as she thought about Azkaban once more, it was a place where you do not come out without scars, whether physical or mental.

As Patience tried to get up from the ground she sat on, she was feeling a bit weak, this was likely going to be the first time Patience would have eaten something similar to regular food in a long time. Patience was thankful that Kiara was helping her. Kiara was the last person Patience would have expected to help her out though, but still this was a pleasant surprise, at least for the time being. A part of Patience's mind hoped that she could fix her past mistakes, but she knew that even though Kiara was helping her right now, she would likely want nothing to do with her.

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting a old friend // Kiara   

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Meeting a old friend // Kiara
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