After failing to kill Harry Potter, Voldemort faked his death and went into hiding. Now he is back with a new scheme of taking over the wizarding world, one that no one is prepared for.
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Clint Kennedy

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PostSubject: Clint Kennedy   Clint Kennedy Icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2015 6:41 am

Alas! Ear wax!

Clint Kennedy 57285573952bde295886baf5baa3bd39

Our new celebrity
Hey my name is McKenzie! I heard of this place through
Caly and don't ask the rest unless you wanna hear our epic story of epicness xD. Meanwhile you should check out my other
characters Minevera McGonagall & Sirius Black. You can catch me via PM.

“Fear of a Name, Only Increases The Fear Of The Thing Itself”
Name: Clinton Brian Kennedy
Nickname(s): Clint
Age: Seventeen
Wand: 12.5'' Yew, Dragon Heartstring, Flexible
Patronus: Red-tailed Hawk
House/Job: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Dating Natasha Strelkina
Ethnicity: American

“He can run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo”
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Gray
Distinguishing Features: Clint currently has four ear piercings and the intention to get at least one tattoo after he gets out of school. As far as his piercings go, he has one on his right ear and three on his left. He often wears small rings as his go-to, but he'll wear studs if it's absolutely required.
Face Claim: (Young) Jeremy Renner

“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open. ”

  • Drawing/Sketching
  • Archery
  • Music
  • Hanging out with Friends
  • Most Animals
  • Quidditch
  • Defense Against The Dark Arts
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Alchemy


  • Bullies
  • Pointless Arguments/Fights
  • His father (long story, not best to ask about it unless your close to him)
  • Pure-blood Supremacists
  • Sexism (he personally finds such a thing nasty and hates hearing sexist comments. One of the main reasons all of his classmates know he has a fiery side to his typically chilled personality)
  • Herbology

Habits: While thinking through something or problem solving, Clint often chews at his lip, or, depending on how complex the problem at hand is, paces as he thinks it over. He will also play with things he has in his hands just in general, although it's more of a highlighted habit when he's bored or just passing time. He will occasionally twist and play with any wrist band or bracelet he has on when he's reflecting on something or when he's not really thinking on anything at all.
Personality: Clint is loyal and protective to and of the people he is closest to. While he is typically cool and level-headed, he has a spark of wild in his blood, and sometimes he can come off as a tad arrogant or naive. He's most comfortable around those that he's close to and knows he can trust, and he does possess a fire even though the surface might not betray it. He doesn't take kindly to betrayal, and is therefore occasionally cautious of those he puts his full trust in, and if you upset him, he will be sure you're the first one to know it.
In general, he is a decent young man, but he won't deny the occasional thrill of rebellion or a little trouble making. A little joking around every now and then is a thing he most enjoys when he does it with people he's comfortable with. He isn't a constant thrill-seeker, but like anyone else, he considers life without a little risk and adventure boring.
Despite not fully seeing eye to eye with both parents all the time growing up, he did hang onto many of the ideals they put in his head. One lesson he remembers hearing well is 'do as I say, not as I do,' and he's always understood that that meant to try to learn from mistakes already made so he could try to avoid them. He also learned the value of trust and communication, as those two things are the basic nails he credits to being the reason why he doesn't really care for either parent that much anymore.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
Hometown: London, England
Father: Brian Alexander Kennedy
Mother: Alexa Maria Kennedy
Siblings: N/A
Others: Eric Bradford Abrams (uncle - deceased), Natasha Strelkina (girlfriend)
History: Clint's parents settled in London about a year and a half before he was born. His mother's side is where he gets his magical blood from, and his father is a muggle, and the pair met in the city while his father came over to England on a business trip. The two had fallen in love and married, and they eventually had Clint.

That was when the trouble began. It was quiet at first, and Clint spent the first few years of his childhood unaware of the growing tension between his parents because they hid it and dealt with it for their son's sake. Soon after Clint had been born, Alexa Kennedy had admitted to her then-unknowing husband exactly what she was, and the revelation had not gone down as smoothly as she hoped. From that point on, there was a divide between the couple.

The older Clint got, the more he noticed. By the time he was four, his mother would often take him out of the city when he wasn't in school to spend time with his uncle on a small farm. Clint grew quite close to his uncle during this time, and he often enjoyed running around the small farm and helping out where he could. In return, Clint learned a few things from him and also developed an interest in archery, as it was one of his uncle's favorite past times. His uncle promised to teach him when he got older, and Clint accepted the offer, until such a time just watching and learning what he could from observing and listening to what the man had to say. In a sense, Clint would later come to have more respect for his uncle than his father.

By the time Clint was eight, the differences his parents had were all too obvious to the young boy. He grew further and further from his father as the years went by it seemed. His father seemed like he almost didn't trust the boy, and Clint came to feel a sense of disrespect from the man, so he turned away from him, growing to count more and more on his uncle's support. It was around that time that his uncle finally began letting him practice archery on a regular basis. The hobby quickly became Clint's main outlet for his confusion and discomfort for his family situation, and he refused to thoroughly discuss his troubles with anyone but his uncle, not wanting to upset his mother with it and not trusting his father at all with the information.

Clint's life continued on like that - the tension and his most reliable figure being his uncle and the time out on the small farm - until he was what his mother told him was 'of age.' She pulled him off to the side while his father was out running some errand, sat him down, and explained everything. At first, Clint was shocked, and a little upset even, that she had kept the information from him all these years that she was a witch. But what upset him the most was the news that she had admitted what she was to his father, and he had all of the sudden treated her differently, and, eventually, Clint himself differently. His mother explained that his uncle had known all along and even shared in the magical blood. Everything fell into place and started making sense. And then the letter from Hogwarts came, and that brought the fight that Clint still remembers between his parents.

His father didn't like the idea at all. He didn't want any part of such a thing. Clint's uncle had come in to support his mother on the situation, and the heated discussion it brought startled the young man. Clint had eventually yelled at all of them, surprising even himself with the boldness of the move. The anger with his father drove him to side completely with his mother and uncle, and he said that exact night of the fight that he wasn't going to let anyone, especially his own father, judge him for having the blood that he did. He had his letter, and he was going to go to Hogwarts.

With the tensions between his parents growing out of hand, Clint's uncle took the young boy under his wing, prepping the young wizard for his first year at Hogwarts and making Clint's official home the small farm he had so loved, and still did, growing up. For the first two years of his schooling at Hogwarts, Clint only saw his mother a few times, and his father seemed to vanish from his world, which the young male actually had no problems with whatsoever. Upon his first year at Hogwarts, Clint was sorted into the house of Hufflepuff.

By Clint's third year, he had secured a position on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, and Quidditch easily became a passion of the young male. His position was Chaser, and it is a position he's had ever since, and he's much enjoyed his time on the team. So much so that he considered carrying on the 'profession' after he finished schooling at Hogwarts. It was also in his third year that he met Slytherin third year Natasha Strelkina while at a Quidditch match. Previously, Clint had, as most non-Slytherins did, avoided most dealings with Slytherins, save for a few passing incidents where he had either defended another student from the hiss that most Slytherins possessed or found out that the house stereotype was actually quite wrong for some, at least. He soon befriended Natasha, finding that she was a reliable friend. She actually became his closest friend by the end of the year.

But his third year wasn't all sunshine and good times. That year, while Clint was still at Hogwarts, his uncle was killed in a car accident. Clint got the news from his mother in a letter, and it left the young man in a terrible state. He could barely stand to read the whole letter, and got up and fled to a quiet part of the castle after he received it so as to avoid showing his trainwreck of emotions to every student in the school. It was also through that incident that Clint learned the value of the friendship he had forged with Natasha, who he had started calling 'Tasha' soon after they became friends, as she was the one that followed after him after he read the letter from his mother. To date, she is the only person Clint has trusted with the full story of how close he was to his uncle. After his uncle's death, Clint never spoke to or saw his father again, feeling that his uncle had been more of the best male figure in his life growing up than his father ever was. His mother shortly followed her son's lead, and Clint relied heavily on his mother for support outside of the Hogwarts atmosphere, although he never felt as close to her as he had his uncle, despite his being closer to her than to his father.

Clint's fourth year brought his continuing friendship with Natasha, and he began dating her in their fifth year at school. Now that they're both in their seventh year, they're still together, and Clint maintains that she is the person he trusts most.

“Curiosity is not a sin.... But we should exercise caution with our curiosity... yes, indeed.”

Credit goes to both Devil_in_Disguise and to Jayden of of Caution.
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PostSubject: Re: Clint Kennedy   Clint Kennedy Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2015 12:25 am

Clint Kennedy Giphy
Accepted! The badgers will be happy to have another one of their own. You've been added to all the important places and are now free to take over Hogwarts create awesome mayhem with Natasha. Have fun! Very Happy
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